Change your thoughts to Change your Life


I would like you to make yourself comfortable and close your eyes now… Take a nice deep breath and let it out slowly.

This is your time now for you to let the stresses of day just float away….Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.

Start to relax and let the calmness and relaxation start to flow through your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes.

Allow the relaxation to take place and let your body feel totally calm ,peaceful and relaxed.

Nobody wanting anything,nobody demanding anything,just let yourself be and let yourself enjoy this quiet time.Take another deep breath and let it out slowly…

I would like you to imagine yourself on a golden sandy beach with the waves lapping against the shore as you can hear the shingle being washed up with the waves.

The sun is shining and the warmth of the sun helps your body to relax,…Your mind is now free from the stresses of the day. ..Peace, calm and tranquility.. .the rhythm of the waves helps you to relax even more.

As you walk along the sandy beach feeling the sand between your toes ,the sky is so blue ,you realize that you haven’t felt this free in a long time.

This is a place where you know you can come at any time to relax ,feel calm, peaceful and tranquil.

You know and understand that when you are here… you are positive, strong ,happy and healthy. All the worries and stresses can be released and get washed away with the waves.

Clearing your mind from any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions….You are free to be you and to live your life as you want ,as you know that positive thinking has a positive effect on your mind, body and emotions .You can turn your thoughts around by thinking positive thoughts of love, peace, and happiness.

You are in control of your thoughts. You choose how you think and you know it is easier to think nice ,kind loving thoughts ,which has a positive effect on your life.

As you walk towards the shore, into the beautiful blue sea with the sun sparkling on the waves…the warm water is inviting and you feel more relaxed and calm ,as the waves gently wash over your feet starting to caress your body… washing all of your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions away replacing them with clear positive loving thoughts of your choice.. ..You feel inspired and motivated to make decisions and changes that will have a positive effect on your life…,you will see people around you noticing a change in you as you are more confident ,relaxed and positive…Your whole demeanor has changed and you are glowing with energy and vitality…You are in control and nobody or anything is going to control you anymore…You feel all your stresses and worries being released from your body and you are clearing and cleansing becoming more abundant ,positive ,confident ,peaceful person where all your dreams come true. You now know what you want and you know that you can, have ,do anything you want.. .you are powerful, strong ,independent and free.

Your self love is growing, you are feeling worthy and deserving of love, health, abundance ,peace and happiness. You are in place of gratitude for this place of healing and acceptance and knowing that you are powerful being with a positive mind and attitude that you will give a life that you want….


Release Stress and Flying high Meditation